The Team

Our staff is comprised of exceptional people who are knowledgeable about dentistry and their duties in the office. They are team players who are motivated to achieve, have high standards of quality and integrity, are supportive of new concepts and are interested in being contributors. They are conscientious in their efforts to exceed their job requirements. They are always willing to help one another to complete any task.

Our patients….without whom we cease to exist

It is our goal to help each patient to develop awareness and desire for optimum dental service. As dental professionals, we have a duty to educate and motivate you to accept your role in maintaining your dental health. Accepting this responsibility will allow you to preserve your quality of life for years to come.

Promotional philosophy

We will market our practice in a professional manner. We will not discount our fees to attract patients, as this would become reflected in our capacity to provide high quality dental care.

Continuing education

Techniques are constantly changing and improving. Our team will continually monitor new and improved methods, which will benefit our patients. Only scientifically proven techniques will be utilised at this office. Ongoing dental education is a part of this dental practice.


As the principal dentist, I will continue to provide a healthy, clean and pleasant environment for my employees. I will remain empathetic to their needs. I will provide an environment of change. I value constructive criticism. My decisions will be based on a strong value system, a clear vision and an objective view of the facts. Patients will only be treated in a manner, which is in their long-term benefit.

Final Statement

This describes the basis on which the practice will operate. Our success will regularly be measured by our ability to maintain this philosophy of practice. Anyone not prepared to constantly strive to attain these ideals will not work here.

Our Location

Keith Baetz

35 Spring Street,
Bondi Junction
NSW 2022

9389 0700